The Goldenhope Foundation

- Established to support young
people in improving life skills.

- Provides a diverse suite of
resources to help build
wellbeing and resilience in
children and young people.

- Demonstrates innovation in
working with students. Students
developed a ‘chatterbox’ an
interactive hand held game to
explore positive psychology.

- Builds cutting edge educational
resources for educational bodies,
community groups and young
people that helps to improve life
skills as well as building positive
responses and resilience.

- Established a student led,
national day of action
’Defeat Depression Day’.

- Led to the printing of over 1.5
million paper interactments for
school and community use.
Philanthropy In
Urged by Gonski

"philanthropy can and
should be used to
create partnerships
with those schools
that have the greatest
need to improve
student outcomes".
Primarily the Goldenhope Foundation
sees its role as partnering with and
connecting with other community groups
in a Collective Impact model that provides
a structured approach to collaboration. It
focuses on the concept that no single
policy, government department,
organisation or program can address the
increasingly complex range of social
issues impacting a community.
The approach requires stakeholders to
abandon their own agenda in favour of a
common agenda, shared measurements
and alignment of effort.